The Pure Love of God

I’m no expert on love, and I’m always learning something about love maybe as much as the next person. But one thing I do recognise when it concerns love is that it really comes from inside, and when we release it, it truly becomes a gift to ourselves as well as to others because God gave it to us to give.



Mothers Have An Impact On Teaching Children About Jesus Christ

Mother, tell me the story that I love to hear.
Tell me of heaven and why I came here.
Mother, tell how you love me, and gently speak,
And then I’ll go to sleep.

Child, I am here.
Can you feel that heaven is near?
Sleep, sleep; a lovewatch I’ll keep
To protect you through the night.

Mother, tell me of Jesus and how he is near.
Tell how he loves me, and I will not fear.
Mother, tell how his Spirit brings comfort and peace,
And then I’ll go to sleep.

Child, he is there.
In his love you never need fear.
Sleep, sleep; a lovewatch he’ll keep
To protect you through the night.

Religion Can’t Save You…But Jesus Can?

I have been hearing people say and look at church and a relationship with Christ as two separates. I get it. I’ve no doubt and believe a relationship with Christ is a saving grace of the Lord’s and the fact there are so many churches out there. Although, I also firmly believe that we must understand Christ himself when he lived on earth set up His church on Earth. (Ephesians 2:19-20). Why set up a church? Christ taught about ordinances that were important to entering God’s Heavenly Kingdom, one being baptism (Acts 19:1-6, John 3:5). Another important aspect to Christ’s church was who led his Church.  At that time it was Christ receiving direction from God who led the church and not men.  Also, Jesus taught that revelation was the rock upon which he would build His church  (Matt 16:16-18). He continued to lead His church from Heaven by revelations to his prophet and apostles (Matt 28:20). Ordinances cannot be administered and taught without the authority from God (Luke 9:1-2; Mark 3:14) Christ church was also carefully organized (Ephesians 2:20; 4:13) and was intended to continue (Acts 1:23-26).  Today, there are many churches and we can understand more about those developments by reading about the Apostasy from the True Church..when all apostles and prophets were killed God took his church off the earth, during the time after of many years, men have tampered with scripture and organized their own churches.  God for saw the Apostasy and prepared for the gospel to be restored. (Acts 3:20-21; Rev 14:6). Which of course leads me to the conclusion of this pretty long whatever you might…my testimony of it all; is I believe God has restored his church to the earth today, set up and organized as the time when Christ was on earth, revelations from heaven pouring down again, a prophet, 12 apostles, ordinances of baptism and more administered with that authority from God to help men enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I invite whoever’s reading, who have never heard of this to investigate for yourselves, or if you have been baptised in this church to return and understand the gospel more fully, there is so much to learn and whatever misunderstandings, hypocritical behavior from it’s members in the church that you have seen or been a victim of..believe me when I say, the church is true but it’s members aren’t always…be saved and to all and god bless.