Man Doth Not Comprehend All Things

A good reminder to keep in mind while researching cosmology, new ideas, near life death experiences, and so on is that “… man doth not comprehend all the things which the Lord can comprehend.” (Mosiah 4.9) This is compelling scripture to me, and it spiritually talks to me. It also is one of the reminders that come to me today when I hear, and listen of especially people’s divine encounters, and yesterdays including Joseph Smith’s divine encounters; that the information still has to somehow filter through the human and limited minds. Also, it reminds me that what God reveals may only be a drop, or a speck out from the whole. Although, I feel the Lord can help us with this, it should be carefully considered that sometimes what man comprehends is possibly not the Lord’s full comprehension of things. Food for thought. Its a process that needs a lot of patience I would say. Take care my friends those who are investigating, and reconstructing your worldviews as I have been and remember to doubt your doubts first before you doubt your faith


Angels In My Hair

I just recently came across this woman and her story. I have come across many like it, but also nothing like it. I found it to be an uplifting read and enriching for me and my faith in my church. It is an astonishing read for anyone regardless of your religion – whether you have one or not – of which I feel the same way about the Book of Mormon, and yet there is something here for you in them.


I have been seeing and talking with Angels since I was a baby. This may sound extraordinary, but I’m also just an ordinary person dealing with the challenges and joys of everyday life, just like you.
I live in rural Ireland. I’m a mother with four children, who are now largely reared. I was widowed some years ago and now I am finally doing what the Angels have been asking me to do for several years and talking openly for the first time about what I have seen and learned from them.

I know that some people are cynical about the topic of Angels, but the very fact that you are curious enough to check out this facebook page means that the Angels are inspiring you to look a little further.

Approach this facebook page with an open mind. Regardless of your religion – whether you have one or not – there is something for you here. Even if you say you don’t believe in Angels, suspend your disbelief for a short time and have a look. What have you got to lose?

Bettering Ourselves

New insights always affect old perspectives, and thus some rethinking, rearranging, and restructuring of our worldview is inevitable. Indeed, the effort sometimes feels risky, but it is always worth it. In the process of reconstructing my paradigm, I find myself shedding more of my superficial cultural tendencies and coming closer to the essence of the gospel.

(Betsy Vandenberghe, Dec 2013 Ensign)

Same-sex Relationships

The church considers it a sin to act on a same-sex attraction, though the attraction itself is not necessarily a sin in Mormonism. Some may ridicule this statement and many religions may even abhor it through misunderstanding it’s meanings. But my understanding is that the attraction of people between men and men and women and women is very normal, healthy, and everyone experiences it daily, monthly, yearly whatever. I call the attraction relationship between two people, friendship and admiration towards another. The sin of same-sex attraction is acting against the divine law given. One needs to read scripture through study and prayer to understand the meaning of acting on same-sex attraction relationships and make their own mind up about it. I am grateful to see my stake president Allen Oyler challenge members and nonmembers on understanding what it means to love our neighbor even if it is your family member, and that no matter what one makes their mind up on, one can still love and accept which is true indication that God is in charge of these issues today.

Open Doors

“When we look beyond people’s color, ethnic group, social circle, church, synagogue, mosque, creed, and statement of belief, and when we try our best to see them for who and what they are – children of the same God – something good and worthwhile happens within us, and we are thereby drawn into a closer union with that God who is the Father of us all.” We must remember that, “God uses the honest in heart in all denominations and cultures to further His work on earth.”

-Betsy Vandenberghe (Becoming Better Saints through Interfaith Involvement Dec 2013 Ensign)

A Marvelous Work and a Wonder Loss?

After decades of study, “some people thought that they had found everything to be found at Machu Picchu,” Ciro says. “When people think that everything has been found or that everything is done, they give up or devalue the item or the effort.”

Ciro worries that the same complacency can happen in the Church. He has seen how time and familiarity can lead some members “to be less and less astonished at a sign or a wonder from heaven, insomuch that they (begin) to be hard in their hearts, and blind in their minds, and (begin) to disbelieve all which they (have) heard and seen” (3 Nephi 2.1)

Adam C Olson (Church Magazines)

Motives Motivate

What you do to make a living and how much you earn aren’t nearly as important to the Lord as whether you are: Building His kingdom, including strong and valiant families. Honest in your dealings with your fellowmen and using your God-given talents in their service. Filling your life with good works that positively affect your community and world.

– Elder Lynn G Robbins of the Seventy…Making a Living, Making a Life