Getting Out Of Debt

“Fear is a spirit. A spirit the Lord did not give us. Pray for the spirit of fear to leave, and begin to give and receive what the Lord intended you to have.”

“Philippians 4.19 Talking on accessing ‘His riches’ is seeking it by praying for revelation and believing the Lord will give you ideas, concepts, and direction.”

“Bad time for doing business in this Economy, Good time for the Lord to do miracles.”

“Don’t rely on credit cards, rely on the Kingdom of God to supply your needs”

“Learn we are here for a reason which is not to pay off debts or houses and cars – those things are to serve in our assignments.”

“Tithes and Offerings opens the windows of Heaven”

Quotes by Gary Keesee and Anonymous


How Oft Shall I Forgive

Peter asked, “How oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him?”…Jesus answered him, “…until seventy times seven” (Matt 18.21-22). My thoughts on this from reading scripture is, Jesus wasn’t kidding around about this great gospel truth that we must be always forgiving. Just have to look around in the world what the effect doing the opposite has on others and on ourselves. Although its inevitable that such challenges arise, I like to find strength from D&C 10.5 to, “Pray always…” The gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us that praying for kindness, patience, peace and so forth will help anyone be forgiving. I also find strength by remembering how quickly the Lord forgives and the assurance He always does paves the way to how I need to be. With that said, I hope all the best to all on the journey to being forgiving.

Faith Proceeds The Miracle

┬áNow faith is the substance (assurance) of things hoped for, the evidence (proof) of things not seen (Hebrew 1.11). We know from scripture that faith is confidence and trust in Jesus Christ and that it is not to have a perfect knowledge of things (Alma 32.21). I heard someone put it this way, that if one can put aside their intellectualism, and although everything has its place for good in life, understand that reason and logic does not produce miracles, but only faith in Jesus Christ. Here’s hoping faith in Jesus Christ will open the doorway to a miracle or two in our lives this coming new year.