The Creator of this Earth

Just like an artist who creates a piece, and signs their name on their masterpiece to be known by all mankind for generations, so is the earth God’s creation and masterpiece signed by Him through His word to be remembered for generations(Gen 1.1, Heb 1.2).  Can anyone doubt that there is a creator of this Earth?  How about the Heavens?  I find it hard to believe that some other higher power other than God created the earth and than left all mankind alone.  To me, this is a true act of cruelty, that one designed something and than not signing who they were, no mark, no glimpse of it’s designer, leaving mankind alone to figure out their existence.  I have listened to people who believe this, and than turn around to say the God of the bible is cruel and the people who believe in him are crazy (John 1.10).  What a sad world it must be, to believe that this earth was created by something, and try to put ideas and theories to it, and than to feel peace and happiness on that something.  Must be something to be crazy for?  Well, I want to say that I would rather be crazy for God and His word, than man’s made up ideas on something they still can’t figure out.  At least, I know that there was someone who was honest to say this earth is their creation.  But, this is not all, he also says he created the sun and the moon, the stars our whole solar system, and the most wonderful creation of all, was that he created us (Gen 1.26, Col 1.16).  Just like a parent who has children, who is filled with so much love for their child, so it is with this creator who says he loves us and doesn’t want to lose any of us.  But, like those of us who are parents and gives our children rules,  He created laws that would give us a chance to choose to believe in him or not.   I hope anyone who reads this who has been wandering about it, begins to ask themselves more serious questions.  I believe God wants us to question him and to ask him questions (James 1.5)  This is why Christians call Him Heavenly Father, because he created us and all the earth. God bless.


Authority From God To Baptize

Baptism and baptism of the holy ghost can only be performed by one having the authority of God (Ephe 4.5).  What is that authority?  It is the ‘Priesthood’ which is well spoken of in scripture that Christ gave to his apostles and prophets throughout scripture (Ex 40.15, Num 16.10).  How can the priesthood be possible in our day?  If our Lord wanted to restore the priesthood back to us, why wouldn’t he? Or why couldn’t he? (Acts 3.19-21)   If we heard that He did, than wouldn’t we true followers of Christ want to know?  Or would we take it upon ourselves to speak for Him, box Him in to the confines of our own understanding.  We must remember, our ways are not His ways, nor do we know all things (Isaiah 55.8-9, Psalms 95.10).  I invite anyone who is now questioning the Lord about this to read or reread the scriptures about the priesthood and baptism, to exercise a particle of faith in Him (Hab 2.4) and ask in prayer if He has restored his priesthood to us today.  To add to this, I bear you my testimony, that our loving Savior has restored not only the priesthood keys to baptize, but he restored His church as well which is ‘The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Matt 5.17, Acts 3.19-21, 1 Pet 2.9).  He has made a way we can enter His Kingdom again.  Unless the Lord has come to you personally and anointed you to be able to enter heaven and help others to, there is no other church other than The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints that can baptize you with the Lord’s authority or priesthood.  Please pray and ask about this too. I challenge anyone to pray and ask the Lord if this is true.  I challenge anyone to investigate of the truthfulness of what I say as I don’t expect anyone to take my word for it.  I know and believe for myself that the Lord has once again proven His love to us by not leaving us alone to figure out everything on our own.  That is another true indication to me of God’s love (Isa 51.10).  God bless.

What Reveals The Heart

If there is any way to discern the light or darkness in the heart, it is by what comes out of the mouth (Luke 6.44-46, Isaiah 29.13).  On speaking about the darkness of the heart in my own life, I can sometimes hear myself say things that reveal it although I don’t always get rid of it.  Why?  Whatever pride holds me there, great or small it becomes all too common, too widely accepted, and too unnoticed.  To fit into the world is to speak darkness, but to fit into discipleship with Christ is speaking light.  I understand its a battle for every Christian to speak well always, but not  unattainable with the Lord’s help.  Repentance can help clean out the filth of our hearts, free us from the trap.  Let us oft speak kind words to each other; kind words are sweet tones from the heart (Hymn 232, Ephesians 4.29-32, Prov 16.24).  God bless.

Humble Servants

I love the wisdom of our Heavenly Father sending out young humble servant men and women out into the world to do missionary work. Our young men and women are simple, they don’t profess to know everything in the scriptures, they don’t have to know everything all at one time to be ministering to others. Many people in the world mock them for this reason and want to showcase to others how little they know. However, what people don’t know, is that they belong to God’s true church. They have the gift of the holy ghost. They have the message of repentance that they themselves have to live by. They have the message of faith in Christ that they have tested and continue to test out. They have a testimony of all of this and no man can rob that from them. The world’s scripture masters, theologians, and master minds will always be unequally matched, because they are too busy puffed up into themselves, too busy trying to make others look bad, always trying to be right, and always being wise into themselves not once glorifying the lord for his word. How so sweet are the servants of god in comparison, I can almost taste it’s sweetness (spiritually speaking). Humility is sweet. Might we seek to continue being humble servants of God. God bless.

(The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sends out young men and women who want to serve a mission at as young as 18yrs old…this can also include young men and women not in this church who do Christ’s work also)

Seek Him Out Now Don’t Delay

Most people just don’t seek God until things get bad, so sometimes God lets things get bad so we will seek Him.  If we seek Him when things go well, then He will make things go well for us so we seek Him more.

(Oden Hetrick: Inside the gates of heaven)

Amazing Grace

What a wretch I am explains how I feel about myself when I think how many times the lord gives me chances and renders his grace on me.  I can’t even count how many times he has called but because I wasn’t listening I didn’t hear.  How many times do I get lost until I’m found?  Amazing is his grace is when he finds me and tells me what I need.  Amazing is his grace is when I finally heed.

More Spirit Give Me

A sail boat sailing without wind cannot be propelled to safe waters properly, nor can the sailor know where they will go. Without this wind, the sail boat is left to other forces acting on it. Many sail boats because they were unprepared to go without wind have gotten lost and even sunk. Similarly, a person wanting to keep safe through life’s journey needs basic tools and things to know where they are going. Man has made things to help us be safe in our world, but we all feel the fragility of these things when they break, rip, or burn up. Heavenly Father has given us his spirit (1Jn 5.7) to help us know where to go and keep safe (Ezekiel 36.27, 2Nep 32.5). However, just like wind, the spirit can come and go. The tools we need for it to stay with us are faith in Jesus Christ and believing that the spirit exists and can work in our lives. When we are without faith and a believing heart, we then hinder or suppress the workings of the spirit in our lives (1Thess 5.19). I have realized this more in my life now, and finally figured out the reason for my broken and lost states. Somewhere down the road, I started to get caught up in believing more in the arm of the flesh, rather than the power of the spirit (Matt 13.58). I say to all, more spirit give me for I am nothing without the spirit. I know we all are nothing without it and when we think we can do things our own way and not the Lord’s, we are deeply deceived. Let’s be repenting, faithful and prayerful. Asking daily for the spirit to guide us in our daily activities and let it teach us how we should be..because without it, we cannot return back and be with our Heavenly Father. God bless.